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There are new rules if you can't pay all your taxes. 

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Roth IRAs for young people.

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Are you liable for taxes on payments to your babysitter?

Click here for a description of Masullo's "holistic approach" toward income tax return preparation.

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After years of fielding tax questions online, Peter Masullo, a CPA and Tax Attorney based in New York City, has updated his list of frequently asked questions. One recent question, although not asked so frequently, is answered here to help in your quest for a good accountant.



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What's wrong with Greenwich Village? 99 Problems Speak Out Against The Madness Who You Callin Girlieman?
According to Masullo, the problem is New York University. Read about the life long oppression of this poor city boy by this supposedly "great" institution. Masullo says it is time to fight back and save what's left of our neighborhood from the ravages of this real estate giant.  Click here to read Masullo's letter to NYC Mayor Bloomberg about NYU's overdevelopment of Greenwich Village.

You may have 99 problems, and your lover may be one.

If you hire this funky white boy at least your taxes will get done.

The rest of this rhyme has nothing to do with taxes. I may censor it and post it here shortly. In the mean time you'll have to settle for the "Top Ten Funkiest Accounting Moments" in order to prove accountants have funk.

This section is primarily devoted to expressing outrage at big business & politicians. We've also thrown in a few "war stories" & other true (albeit one sided) sagas of our battles against IRS

There are also some nursery rhymes and other attempts at poetry, copies of letters to and from politicians, and other madness at this part of my web site. 

Talk about madness, Masullo became infuriated when Arnold Schwarzenegger came to NYC and called Masullo a "Girlieman." In this year's newsletter Masullo compares the current political scene to his days as a street fighter. While he praises the Governor's political talents, Masullo also warns The Governor to cross the street if he sees Masullo coming. After reading this you will agree Masullo is tough enough to deal with Arnold, or any other bully who dares to cause trouble in NYC. 



We specialize in income tax return preparation and related services for individuals and small businesses. Our offices are located in New York City and upstate New York, but our clients are scattered throughout the USA and abroad. Our sophisticated software can handle any state tax return and we maintain an extensive, in-house, tax law library. Here are some more reasons you should consider Masullo as your next tax accountant and attorney:

Written Guarantee Quality & Qualifications Independence & Integrity Year-Round Tax Planning Service
It is difficult to guarantee a particular tax result. We often disagree with IRS and sometimes, even the courts disagree with each other. Because of this uncertainty we cannot guarantee the law will always be on your side, but we do guarantee the quality of our work, in writing, for all the world to see on the internet. Click here to review our industry leading "Client Bill of Rights." To sum it up, we pay any penalty caused by our lateness or error. We are not perfect, but there have been no claims under this policy since it was initiated 11 years ago. Is your accountant licensed? Most people are not aware of the fact that you don't need a license nor a diploma to prepare taxes. All you need is a telephone and a pencil and you can call yourself a "tax consultant." On the other end of the spectrum, Masullo has been a diligent student of taxation for over 3 decades. His skills and experience are second to none. Mr. Masullo earned his CPA certificate in 1977, was admitted to the New York Bar in 1980, and was admitted to practice before the US Tax Court in 1990. Click here for more info.
Unlike other financial advisors, we will not take advantage of our position as trusted advisors in order to sell insurance or investments. It would be difficult to maintain total independence if our compensation was measured by the size of your purchase. We may not always tell you what you want to hear, but you can count on us for objective advice. We have nothing against brokers and salespeople for they comprise some of our best friends and clients. However, we loath salespeople who call themselves accountants.

Education Planning
We like the NY State college plan for the long term.

Estate & Gift Tax Planning
Wealthy taxpayers cannot afford to wait for repeal of this tax regime.

Lower Income Taxpayers
Less affluent clients also need occasional tax planning services.

IRA Distribution Planning
You need a CPA to help interpret  the rules.

Year-end Tax Planning
Check the topical index for some last minute ideas that may be appropriate.

      What's New?

This part is under construction.

  The idea of gay marriage certainly is not new. But right wing attempts to ban this type of union have become a hot issue. Although the Bush Administration must be given credit for reducing the "Marriage Penalty Tax," the tax laws still discriminate against married couples where both spouses have income. Thus, Masullo's warning from 1998 remains intact.

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